At UCI, we can perform everything from planning and engineering to construction. With our skill and resources, we’ll make sure that your project goes smoothly from start to finish.

We Ensure the Successful Delivery of Every Project

The construction industry is known for missing deadlines. This negatively impacts the clients’ bottomline. At UCI, we know that every day counts, including the time spent planning and designing your project. Delays in the construction process often occur because there are no preventative systems/methods in place. Predictable Performance® is UCI's system/method. We believe we can perform projects on time more predictably, without injury, all while creating more value for our clients.

What is Predictable Performance®?

Predictable Performance® is a measurable, forward-looking project delivery system that sets us apart from other contractors. It is our commitment to being highly efficient and productive and differentiates us by creating greater value in less time for our clients. It includes Project Definition, Team Centered Design, Production Planning & Predictable Supply, Production Control & Predictable Execution. Together, these areas allow UCI to deliver an exceptional project while maintaining a safe work site and workers.

Project Definition

We work extensively with clients as early as project concept to better define the project scope and targets. We have an extensive team of partners to assist in creating the optimal plan for project delivery. Our team continuously communicates with the owner to understand the vision of a project and how it will be completed creating the most value to the customer. 

Team Centered Design

Design is also managed to Predictable Performance® standards. We create a tight knit, transparent team with the goal of reduced design durations. Predictable Performance® within design translates to a well-defined design sequence, reduced design iterations, fewer changes in project budgets, and well-defined contingencies.  

Production Planning & Predictable Supply

We understand that project delivery is contingent on every component of the delivery system and project team. Therefore, UCI creates a collaborative detailed delivery path for each project. We engage all team members in looking ahead to eliminate constraints, thus delivering the project more effectively. Daily team production targets assist us in achieving this.   

Production Control & Predictable Execution

UCI’s Predictable Performance® model of project delivery is a system of “Prevent & Assure” versus the old industry standard of “Detect & Correct”. Each day, from design to construction execution, our team commits to daily production targets. We consistently analyze which daily targets were achieved and monitor our Percent of Commitments Honored. This allows us to learn how to prevent the unexpected and assure we honor commitments in the future. 

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Project Delivery Solutions

At UCI, we are flexible to client demands and will make sure that your project is delivered.


Safety, Production, Quality

We understand that production, safety and quality go hand-in-hand, and you can’t have one without the others.


“…our goals and project timeline were met successfully.”
- Scott M. Case, NGL Energy Partners LP