At UCI, we have a production vision that provides a long-term direction for each project. Our prevent and assure approach to planning ensures that your project is completed on-time or ahead of schedule. In order to do so, we rely on our Predictable Performance® Production System. Using our Prevent and Assure approach to planning allows us to go well beyond the typical construction schedule. We are able to look at your project’s target, or goal, and accurately plan how the process will operate in order to achieve that outcome. 

This early planning allows us to incorporate all of our team members early in the construction process and build predictability into your project. We plan using a Pulled Production Schedule which defines each phase of construction, sub-phases and planned completion dates. We also utilize a color key sticky note chart to differentiate the different companies and stakeholders involved in your project. Our planning process ensures that your project is carefully evaluated with attention to detail through each phase in order to deliver an extraordinary result.

Predictable Performance® Pledge

At UCI we pledge to complete our daily production target...

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“The project team through constant planning and communication with all team members was able to complete the project ahead of schedule…”
- Scott M. Case, NGL Energy Partners LP