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Safety, quality and production are tightly connected and go hand-in-hand at UCI. We believe that you cannot have one without the others. In order to have projects done more predictably and without injury, we utilize Predictable Performance® and focus on safety and quality to complete projects on-time and without incident the first time.

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Safety and Production

Safety will not be compromised at UCI. Our safety program is among the most progressive in the industry, and we have received the National First Place Construction Safety Excellence Award by The Associated General Contractors of America. Our safety program and performance allows us to work in facilities that many of our competitors are unable to access because we are able to meet the stringent safety requirements.

Our unique safety initiatives are so successful because we recognize that each project is unique. We have developed a job safety analysis system that identifies potential hazards and provides safe solutions before they occur.

We also believe in keeping our employees safe. They are our greatest asset, and we are on the leading edge in training our people in the industry. Our entire team participates in daily morning stretches and weekly safety stand downs. We believe that a well-trained, skilled team, including office staff, will assure the best work environment and top-notch results.

OSHA Voluntary Protection Program

OSHA Voluntary Protection Program

UCI has been accepted into the OSHA Star Site Voluntary Protection Program (VPP) for our outstanding efforts toward occupational safety and healthful working conditions. Less than 0.008% of more than eight million work sites are awarded the prestigious OSHA VPP designation, and our exceptional focus on quality and safety has enabled us to continue participating in this unique program.

UCI Safety Initiatives

At UCI, we have developed new ways to get our people focused on safety by creating in-house safety initiatives. Work Zone Warrior™ was the first initiative created to promote a safer environment by creating “warriors” that report daily on hazard recognition and implement behavioral changes or controls before anyone is put at risk.

Since the initial creation of Work Zone Warrior™, we have implemented other complementary programs. One of these is the High 5™ program, which was created after recognizing that many hazard recognitions were related to the hands. High 5™ Hand Awareness is simple, yet effective and focuses on reducing the number of recordable behavioral injuries and/or observe and report near misses.

We encourage our employees to take the lead if they notice safety concerns. If they see a problem, they correct it. Aiding in this is another program that was created in-house by one of our craft employees called T.A.L.K. Safety Leadership. This program is also part of Work Zone Warrior™ and encourages our people to keep lines of communication open at all times. T.A.L.K. stands for “teach and tell”, “ask, don’t assume”, “listen and learn”, and “keep consistent, keep focused”.

The most recent program created is called See It, Correct It. This reminds our staff that anyone can stop work and speak up about potential hazards on a job site. We encourage every employee to take the initiative to help make our job sites hazard-free.

Work Zone Warrior High 5 T.A.L.K. Safety Leadership See It Correct It
Safety Stretches


Quality is engineered into our Daily Crew Assignments, which is a cornerstone of Predictable Performance®. We pay massive attention to detail throughout each phase of a construction project and are focused on quality each day in everything we do in order to build predictability into your project. We want to ensure that your project moves along without incident and deliver extraordinary results.

Tactical Safety Solutions

We are so dedicated to safety, that we created Tactical Safety Solutions to support our efforts. Tactical Safety Solutions is an affiliate to UCI, and the company helps ensure the safety of employees with onsite safety professionals, stand-by rescue teams, safety training and supplied breathing air systems.


“UCI’s safety performance on the project contributed to over 375,000 project man-hours worked without a recordable injury.”
- Burns & McDonnell