Dodge City Water Reclamation Facility
Project Owner City of Dodge City Project Delivery Method Design-Build Completion Date / Total Time for Project May 2011 / 16 months Project Value $16,385,000

Project Overview

This design-build project was a new wastewater treatment facility built to keep up with future growth of Dodge City, including a casino, event center and hotel. The plant includes preliminary and advance secondary treatment with disinfection. The plant was designed to accommodate flows through the year 2030 with an average daily flow of 1.3MGD and future expansion to 2.5 MGD and Peak flow of 7.5 MGD.

Elements of the project included:

  • Influent pump station
  • Fine screening
  • Advanced activated sludge treatment basin
  • Membranes to clarify and filter stream
  • Ultra-violet disinfection units for disinfection
  • Sludge handling including centrifuge, conveyor and storage
  • A beneficial reuse system including holding pond and pumping system


Infrastructure of this type is a critical element of continued economic development. Dodge City and its residents will benefit for many years with the construction of this WWTP and associated conveyance systems, providing capacity for increased residential, commercial and industrial growth.

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“The project was completed ahead of schedule and to this day, there have been minimal issues. To me, this means [the construction supervisor] made sure the project was built per design and as if it was to be his own. [The project manager and construction supervisor] were instrumental in providing the City of Dodge City a Wastewater Recycling Plant that will serve the community for years to come and conserve a precious resource for the City.”
- Ray Slattery, City of Dodge City