Floodway Diversion Structure Repairs
Project Owner City of Wichita Project Delivery Method Design-Bid-Build Completion Date / Total Time for Project May 2016 / 6 months Project Value $1,785,000

Project Overview

Nearly 60 years after constructing the Wichita/Valley Center Floodway to eliminate flooding problems through downtown Wichita, it was time to repair several concrete weir boxes controlling flows into the city.

UCI was contracted to provide services to divert river flows around the affected areas and perform concrete repairs to four weir boxes along the floodway.  Repairs included removal and patching of deteriorated concrete, concrete crack injection to prevent further damage and installation of steel armor plating on wall nosings as a first defense against large debris.

UCI and subcontractors successfully executed a complex plan to build a series of cofferdams, bypass piping and channels to divert flows away and through the work area to permit construction activities.  All work was performed during the traditionally wet spring months in Kansas.

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