Treatment Plant Construction


UCI has performed projects on critical water infrastructure for municipal and industrial clients throughout our 60+ years of construction experience. In today’s dynamic design and construction marketplace we are versed and experienced on the most current contracting methods including Design-Build, Construction Management at Risk (CMAR), and other collaborative project delivery methods. Our scope of experience includes new wastewater treatment plants as well as making upgrades to existing plants. Our seasoned water infrastructure team has completed projects for a wide range of clients, including small rural municipalities to large industrial facilities.


New Wastewater Treatment Plant Construction

There is no such thing as a simple wastewater treatment plant. To deliver a successful project we must rely on proven value-adding partners. We routinely work with trusted, prequalified trade partners and preselected equipment vendors to deliver the most critical crafts and components of a wastewater treatment plant. Our wide ranging experience with wastewater projects exhibits our capability to manage the most technically critical aspects of a new water infrastructure project. Our contracting methods are flexible, many collaborative project delivery strategies are available to fit any type of project.

Upgrades or Expansions to Existing Wastewater Treatment Plant

Remodeling or refurbishing an existing and operating wastewater treatment plant can be one of the most challenging projects UCI can undertake. A treatment plant construction company must possess deep knowledge of plant operations to successfully complete a rehabilitation or expansion project.

Municipal Wastewater Treatment Plant Construction

UCI has completed over 100 municipal wastewater treatment plant construction projects throughout the Midwest over more than 6 decades. Our ability to identify and deploy the most optimal project delivery method has set us apart in our water infrastructure construction capabilities.

Private Industry Wastewater Infrastructure

Industrial facilities must navigate very complex relationships with their local water authorities. Facility expansions, changes in manufacturing processes, and regulatory requirements can quickly change those relationships. UCI has completed projects for many industrial facilities to change pretreatment processes, shift water storage strategies, identify waste stream monetization opportunities, and helped facilities begin treating their own wastewater. Any time an industrial facility can cut operating costs, add revenue streams, and identify water reuse opportunities it creates a better working relationship between the community and the facility.

Drinking Water 

Drinking Water Treatment Plant Construction

When discussing UCI’s expertise in water infrastructure projects drinking water treatment plant construction is a large part of the conversation.  We know that the need for water treatment facilities does not mean just wastewater. We also know that manufacturing and energy facilities require high quality water for process support. Whether it's a municipality or a private company, you can rest easy knowing that you have a partner in UCI that can handle the heavy lifting. Here is an example of how we helped the City of Mulvave with access to high quality water.  


When you build a drinking water treatment facility, you want a comprehensive partner that can select the right vendors, equipment and expertise. But there is more to drinking water infrastructure. Access to potable drinking water is a cornerstone to any community, and requires true expertise as well as a passion for the project.  Our project history includes construction of drinking water treatment plants throughout the central Midwest. Our team has the capability to execute projects in the most complex facilities, regardless of industry type.

Emphasis on Safety, Schedule and Budget

The complexity of water infrastructure facilities requires a different level of contractor.  UCI has experience in building construction, process piping, the chemistry of water process, equipment installation, water holding structures, and many other disciplines.  Our Predictable Performance® system is a process based approach to equally focus on Quality, Safety, and Production throughout the project lifecycle. Using our Prevent and Assure approach to planning and production allows us to go well beyond the typical construction schedule. Water treatment plants have multiple critical paths and require a very complex scheduling and planning approach to coordinate all material deliveries, craft labor coordination, critical decision points, information movement and control.  

Project Delivery Methods

Each project and each client have different expectations.  Our experience with all types of project delivery methods allow us to align our clients and our projects with the best resources available in the industry.  Our professional relationships with various engineering firms allow us to pick the right design partner for a contractor-led Design-Build project.Contractor-led Design Build, Construction Management at Risk, and Engineer Procure Construct (EPC) are a few examples of project delivery methods we have deployed on industrial projects. The only way to drive value, reduce cost, and provide a truly innovative project environment is a transparent and collaborative project team environment.


Today’s fast-moving, dynamic project environment demands so much more than simply being a construction company. UCI has worked to become the premier water infrastructure construction company by providing turnkey services to our municipal and industrial clients. Each facility has unique project needs that require a custom-designed approach that can involve many different resources.


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“We have recommended UCI to several people over the years, small and large projects. I always look forward to working with UCI!”
- Shane Smith, CH2M