Ozone Injection Facility
Project Owner City of Wichita Project Delivery Method Design-Build Completion Date / Total Time for Project August 2007 / 11 months Project Value $7.5 Million

Project Overview

Taste and Odor Improvements - When the City of Wichita started receiving complaints about the taste and odor of the City's drinking water, they knew they had a challenge that needed to be addressed. The City applied a band-aid by adding carbon activated fiber to the drinking water that was being sourced from the Cheney Reservoir. After a study was done to identify more cost effective long term solutions to the problem, they determined that the use of ozone to destroy the taste and odor was the best solution. When this solution was chosen, the City issued an RFP for a design-build job to quickly and effectively provide a permanent resolution to the problem. The City of Wichita chose the team of UCI to be the design-builder of the job.

Utilizing the design-build concept on the project provided a one-of-a-kind solution to the complex engineering problem of injecting ozone into the contactor under pressure. Both the pipe in the contactor and the injection system are unique.

The scope for the winning project was to eliminate the musty taste and odor of Wichita water caused by periodic algae blooms in the Cheney Reservoir. The collective teamwork of the design-build process achieved the project's goals, completing the project in 10 months from concept to commissioning. The primary components of the facility located at the Cheney Reservoir Raw Water Pumping Station are a primary housing facility, liquid oxygen storage and feed system, ozone contactor, ozone quenching system and ozone monitoring system.

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